About Us

Oram Products was established in 2004 by founder chairman Dr. Mudit Goyal and Mr.Amit Goel with the primary objective of producing high quality chemical intermediaries with a modest setup plant in a factory at Kuber Industrial Area Ranpur Kota(Rajasthan),Oram Products commenced its operations with the one of the leading manufactures of Engineering Adhesives & Sealants,Paints,Specially Coatings & other chemical formulations in India since 2004 for High Performance epoxy system for Electronic and Electrical application,Civil Engineering,General Purpose Adhesive,Power Coating materials.


Oram Products is the first company to manufacture sealants & Single Component Epoxies in India. Oram Products is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Oram Products ultimate vision is to become a leader in technology and a globally competitive company with the strong support of in-house Research & Development setup. Oram Products R&D center is approved by the department of of Scientific & Industrial Research(Govt. of India)New Delhi as an in-house R&D unit involved in development of Adhesives & Sealants.
Oram Products is fully equipped with two manufacturing facilities in India & its orientation has been to produce quality products at a minimum cost. We at Oram Products are very glad that the Green Line thinking has also reached the needs of the users. The objective of Oram Products is to deliver the customers competitive products reliably in line with agreed-upon schedules and as agreed or ordered. We are committed to the national chemical industry program Responsibility for Tomorrow – Responsible Care. This requires excellent customer service as well as responsible attitude of our personnel towards the products we uses.


Company History

Explore the Journey of  the  company till  today


Bright Beginnings

Oram Products initially begin in the field of electronic grade epoxy with the products chip on board assemblies and micro electronic application.

The Golden Years

with the excellent growth in the field of Electronic grade epoxy, Oram Products in the year 2009 introduced the whole range of products in Electrical grade epoxy such as Electrical laminates, Electrical insulation, Insulation Compound, Filament winding and many more.
2009- Present

Running successfully

Oram Products introduced whole new range of Construction chemicals.